About This Station

This station is powered by a Peet Bros. Ultimeter 21 weather station. The data is collected every second and the site is updated every 6 seconds. This site and its data is collected using Weather Display Software. The station is comprised of an anemometer, a rain gauge (heated for winter use), a humidity sensor and inside and outside temperature sensors situated in optimal positions for highest accuracy possible. In addition, an old fashioned manual rain collector gauge is used when temperatures allow.

The station is located in the northwestern corner of New Milford, not far from Gaylordsville, in a moderately wooded hollow situated between several hills. As such, wind speed measured may be slightly lower than what may be encountered in a more open or higher location. Also, outside air temperatures typically run several degrees colder here.

About This Town

New Milford, settled in 1707, is located in Litchfield County on the western border of Connecticut in the beautiful Housatonic Valley. To the west are the Town of Sherman and Candlewood Lake. To the south are Brookfield and Danbury. Kent and Warren are north; Washington, Bridgewater and Roxbury are east. New Milford is the largest town, by area, in the state, consisting of approximately 40,321 acres or 64 square miles. (41:35N, 73:24W)

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